Women in the Church: Building a Womens Ministry for the Long Haul

By: Jen Wilkin

Healthy Leaders: Having Zeal Without Burning Out

By: Anson McMahon

Potential Planters: Beginning the Journey (Part 1 & 2)

By: David Thew, Adam Flynt & J. Tyler Deaton

The Art of Preaching: Creating, Crafting, and Delivering

By: Jason Cook

Funding the Mission: Developing an Effective Support Raising Strategy

By: Dustin Neeley

Creating a Viral Culture of Daily Bible Reading

By: Ted Sinn

Staff Culture & Trellis Systems: Building an Irresistible Church Culture

By: Josh Howerton

Missional Living: Developing a Missional Culture with Active Prayer and Intentionality

By: Paul Whaley

Strategy - Big Dreams and Small Steps: Vision and Execution

By: Brian Lowe

Multi-Ethnic Ministry

By: Jeremy Rose

Developing Volunteers with No Staff

By: Andrew Munneke


By: John Fooshee & Bryan Robbins

Physical Health

By: Jerome Gay

Gospel Fluency

By: Chan Kilgore

How to be Productive without Losing Jesus, Your Family, and Your Sanity

By: Matt Adair

Tiny Worshipers: God's Glory, Parent's Ownership, and Church's Participation

By: Aaron Proffitt

Groups That Grow Your Church

By: Jedidiah Coppenger

The Executive Pastor

By: Ryan Britt

The Gathering: What Kind of Worshippers Are We Forming

By: David Lewis


By: Dr. Chuck Coker

Vision: Theology gives rise to DNA which gives rise to Culture which gives rise to Contextualization

By: Tyler Jones

Becoming a Church-Planting Church

By: Luke Thomas

Transient Context

By: John Murphy

Enduring: Ministry for the Long Haul

By: Greg Gibson

Church Planting in Latin America

By: Jay Bauman & Alex Urea


The goal of Advance the Church is to be the most helpful conference possible for the long-term health of church-planting churches. We want leaders to leave feeling both equipped and encouraged.

As such, our conferences are designed to:

  • Equip teams through experience-driven consulting
  • Equip planters & leaders through topic and ministry area breakouts
  • Encourage teams and leaders through high quality plenaries
  • Help churches be better equipped to train and develop church planters
  • Surface new church planters and build on existing relationships

Our sponsors for Advance’18 will be chosen based on the value we believe they add to our event and conference attendees. We are grateful for these organizations and for the causes they represent.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please email or visit